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On the pages of literary works, the reader is often confronted with funny characters or episodes, funny names of characters, ridiculous features of speech. In all these cases, we are dealing with manifestations of the comic in literature. The reader understands that the writer set himself the task of causing the audience to laugh, to portray something funny. But at the same time, we cannot fail to notice how different such laughter can be. In literary criticism, it is customary to distinguish the following types of comic: humor, irony, satire and sarcasm. Also, experts distinguish between the techniques of the comic. These include hyperbole, absurdity, grotesque, fantasy, self-exposure and some others.


irony sacrasm sarcastic comic criticism joke caustic satirical emphasize

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Mavlonova Ugiloy Khamdamovna 2020. Similarities and differences between types of comic. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 9 (Sep. 2020), 105-107. DOI:


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