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Market economy is the basis of commodity-money relations, the nature of which is determined by objective economic laws. Market relations began to take shape at the dawn of civilization and went through more than a thousand-year path of development. Historically, two types of market relations. The first was spontaneously composed of scattered and uncoordinated actions of the producer and the consumer. The second is the complete opposite of the first: the state, through the introduction of prices, taxes, interest rates, profits, rents, subsidies and other instruments, has made market relations focused. The world experience and experience of Uzbekistan indicate that the market economy is developing according to objective laws that do not depend on anyone's will, and their ignoring is fraught with serious negative consequences. At present, market relations are the main form of existence of the world economy.


market economy economic zones product model market relations formation consumer producer

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Yadgarova Sh.Kh., Tagirova Yu.F and Tursunov A.Q 2020. Aspects of the formation of market relations in Uzbekistan. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 9 (Sep. 2020), 152-154. DOI:


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