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In the current context of changing and improving forms of ownership, the development of small business and private entrepreneurship is one of the most strategically important tasks for the economy of Uzbekistan. World experience confirms that small business and private entrepreneurship provide an abundance of consumer goods and services in the domestic market, increase export opportunities, solve the problem of employment of citizens, increase real incomes. At the same time, “starting and running a small business does not require large expenditures and capital investments. This will allow for quick and easy modernization of production, technical and technological re-equipment, development of new types of products, regular updating of their range and ensuring competitiveness. " The process takes place in the market to meet the needs of consumers for the goods produced and offered, and to cover the costs and benefits of producing the product.


marketing business B2B agriculture sales and service

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Sobirov Azizbek Avaz ogli 2020. Develop a marketing program for the sale of agricultural products in the B2B market. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 13-15. DOI:


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