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The paper regarded free vibrations of a plate elastically clamped at  edges with thin-walled open profile rods and pivotally supported on  edges


compressed stretched free vibrations frequency elastic pinching hinged torsional bending reinforced non-reinforced edged stiffness

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N. Melikulov, & А.Otakulov. (2020). Unloaded plates free vibrations, supported by elastic thin-walled rods. International Journal on Orange Technologies, 2(11), 14-16.


  1. The generalized dimensionless elastic pinching coefficients and edges elastic support of the plate presented in the work take into account not only the mechanical and plate geometric parameters and thin-walled rods, but also different boundary conditions at the latter ends, a detailed attaching way the rods to the plate, as well as the longitudinal forces influence transmitted to the ribs. An essential feature of these coefficients is their dependence on the half-wave’ number of the plate curvature.
  2. It is shown that taking into account the constrained torsion in the reinforcing ribs not only significantly increases the load critical parameters, but can also qualitatively change the curvature shape of the middle surface.
  3. The warping restriction of the reinforcing ribs ends, as well as the elastic discrete warping presence bonds located along the rod axis, significantly increases the “plate - ribs” overall rigidity system and its natural vibrations frequency in comparison with free warping case of end sections and the warping connections absence.
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