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Face detection is a type of computer image processing technology that can detect faces in digital images. In real-time applications such as CCTV surveillance and video tracking, automatic face detection and recognition is the most difficult and rapidly increasing study topic. One of the most well-known and often used methods for detecting human faces is the Viola-Jones Algorithm. The difficulty associated with the algorithm can be attributed to many variations in the angles of a person's face. In this paper, an enhanced Viola-Jones algorithm with a local binary pattern (LBP) is used to recognize numerous and tilted faces with excellent accuracy.


Viola-Jones Algorithm Local Binary Pattern Face Detection

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Anetin, J., Gonzaga, D. K., & Castillon, V. M. (2022). Enhancement of Viola-Jones Algorithm using Local Binary Pattern Applied to Face Detection. International Journal on Orange Technologies, 4(6), 66-72.


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