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The International Journal of Human Computing Studies (IJHCS) (2615-8159/ 2615-1898) is an international, peer-reviewed, and scholarly journal that publishes original, well-developed articles that examine the rapidly evolving relationship on human computing and information technology. This Indonesian International Journal focuses on innovative research investigation, such as, inherently interdisciplinary, covering research in computing, artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics, communication, design, engineering, and social organization, which is relevant to the design, analysis, evaluation and application of innovative interactive systems. Papers at the boundaries of these disciplines are especially welcome, as it is our view that interdisciplinary approaches are needed for producing theoretical insights in this complex area and for effective deployment of innovative platforms and IT technologies in concrete user-based communities.

Abstracted & Indexed:

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2021): IJHCS

Published: Mar 24, 2021

Physical processes as a result of concrete concrete in dry-hot climate conditions

1-6 Khakimov Sh.A, Muminov K.K, Cholponov O, Mamadov B.A, Maqsud oglu Bakhtiyor, D.Akramova
Read Statistic: 40

Academic profession and university in the context of modern institutional reforms

7-10 Ismoilov Temurbek Islomovich
Read Statistic: 9

Topical issues of improving the media of creativity of a future teacher

11-14 Babadjanov Salokhiddin Sabitdjanovich
Read Statistic: 17

The reform of the internal affairs bodies is one of the main priorities of the Democratization of the Judicial and Legal system

15-17 Bekhzod Nurboyevich Rashidov
Read Statistic: 20

Studies of culverts on the high-speed section of the Tashkent-Sirdarya Railway Line

18-22 Abdualiyev Elyorbek Begaliyevich, Maxamadjonov Shuxrat Shavkatovich, Uralov Akmal Shakarovich
Read Statistic: 13

Urban Planning And Urbanization Processes In The Khorezm Oasis

23-25 Davletov Sanjar Rajabovich, Allanazarov Sirojbek Bekchan ugli
Read Statistic: 20

The role of Painting in the Folk Art of Surkhandarya

26-28 Kamolov Iftikhor Bakhtiyorovich, Tilavov Askar Shodikulovich
Read Statistic: 16

Modern approach to the Design of Museums

29-31 Shodieva Mohira Khusanovna, Ochilov Farhod Egamberdievich
Read Statistic: 11

Comparison of two impression methods for determining the neutral zone in edentulous patients

32-34 Ibragimova F.I, Arslanov K.S
Read Statistic: 4

A comparative evaluation of changes in facial parameters in partial secondary adentia

35-37 Ibragimova F.I., Qurbonov D.F
Read Statistic: 15

Manifestation of Diabetes Mellitus in the mucous membrane of the Oral Cavity

38-40 Ibragimova F.I, Yodgorova. Sh.R
Read Statistic: 7

Business missions for Export Development

41-45 Eshmamatova Madina
Read Statistic: 1

Evaluation of Electromyographic studies of masticatory muscles in Children with Cerebral Palsy

46-48 O.E. Idiev
Read Statistic: 1

Examination of patients with different forms RFL MMOC

49-52 Sobirov Sh.S
Read Statistic: 2

Teaching Vocabulary For Esp Students

53-57 Zakirova Dilorom Yuldashevna
Read Statistic: 4

Selection and preparation of arable land for the organization of intensive mulberry trees in the scheme of planting 0.9x0.2 m from mulberry seedlings in the climatic conditions of Surkhandarya region

58-61 Khamzaev Temur Yigitalievich, Bobomurodov Murodjon Khojimurotovich, Mamatraimov Kamoliddin Turgun o’g’li, Karshieva Adolat Rahim qizi, Javliev Sherzod Rakhmatullaevich
Read Statistic: 2

The Role Of Crossbreeding and Hybrids in Selection Work

62-70 Normatov Ruzibek Jurakul o’g’li, Bobomurodov Murodjon Khojimurotovich, Normatov Jurabek Abdulla o’g’li, Khamzaev Temur Yigitalievich, Sayfullaev Asror Anvar o’g’li
Read Statistic: 1

Modeling the Stackelberg strategy in a linear model (linear city) Hotteling

71-84 Musayeva Shoira Azimovna, Usmonova Dilfuza Ilkhomovna, Usmanov Farzod Shokhrukhovich
Read Statistic: 16

The Need For Formation of Knowledge on The Effective Use Of Water Resources in Young People in The Process of Globalization. (In The Example Of The Aral Sea)

89-91 Sharofiddin Shukurjon Ogli Shomurotov
Read Statistic: 4

Comparison of English, German and Uzbek Vowel Sounds

92-95 Zulfiyaxon Masodiqova, Zarnigorxon Meliqo'ziyeva Ikromjon qizi
Read Statistic: 11

The analysis of J. Strassler’s “Idioms in English: A Pragmatic Analysis”

96-99 Ortikov Eldor Mardonovich
Read Statistic: 4

The Rule of Law is An Important Factor and A Basic Condition of Civil Society

100-104 Ahror Ganiyevich Alijanov
Read Statistic: 2

The Constitution is A Legal Guarantee For The Development of The Country and The Well-Being of Society

105-109 Madumarov Talantbek Tolibjonovich, G’ulomjonov Odiljon Raximjon o’g’li
Read Statistic: 11

Factors in Raising The Culture of Reading Among The Youth of Uzbekistan

110-114 Orasta Azamovna Obidova
Read Statistic: 2

Objective and Subjective Factors in The Implementation of The Concept of National Ascent

115-119 Ilhom Kholmirzaevich Mavlonov
Read Statistic: 2

Traditional Crafts of Rural People of Fergana Valley

120-124 Ziyodbek Yuldashevich Esonov
Read Statistic: 1

Ways to Teach Students to Independent, Creative Thinking Through Practical Activities

125-129 Gulbahor Xamzayeva, Mukhtaram Rahimova
Read Statistic: 2

Ways to Teach Students to Independent, Creative Thinking

130-135 Gulnara Israilova, Sayyora Sheraliyeva
Read Statistic: 6

Teaching Students to Think Creatively Through Independent Education in Higher Education

136-140 Dilorom Abdullayeva, Bakhtiyor Aminov, Nilufar Xodjayeva
Read Statistic: 2

Relationship of Physical Culture with Other Directions

141-144 Nurmatov Farkhat Abdualimovich
Read Statistic: 1

The Concept of The Management of Body Functions and Their Properties. Organism and environment

145-148 Utepbergenov Amangeldi Kutlimurotovich
Read Statistic: 2

Method of Thermal Processing of Biomass With Heliopyrolysis Device

149-151 Davlonov Xayrulla Allamuratovich, Almardanov Hamidulla Abdiganiyevich, Toshboyev Abdumalik Rashid ugli, Umirov Fayzullo Baxodirovich
Read Statistic: 10

New Pedagogical Technologies in Teaching English

152-157 Ortikov Eldor Mardonovich
Read Statistic: 6

The interrelation of time and tense in English Grammar

158-164 Tillayev Zafar Akmalovich
Read Statistic: 4

Recommendations For Effective Protection of the Equipments Inside the Downhole in the Chegara Field Against Corrosion

165-166 Norinov Faxriyor Qurbonovich, M. A. Tursunov, Q. Sh. Kenjayev
Read Statistic: 14


167-170 Otamirzaeva Kuxinur
Read Statistic: 0
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