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The International Journal of Human Computing Studies (IJHCS) (2615-8159/ 2615-1898) is an international, peer-reviewed, and scholarly journal that publishes original, well-developed articles that examine the rapidly evolving relationship on human computing and information technology. This Indonesian International Journal focuses on innovative research investigation, such as, inherently interdisciplinary, covering research in computing, artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics, communication, design, engineering, and social organization, which is relevant to the design, analysis, evaluation and application of innovative interactive systems. Papers at the boundaries of these disciplines are especially welcome, as it is our view that interdisciplinary approaches are needed for producing theoretical insights in this complex area and for effective deployment of innovative platforms and IT technologies in concrete user-based communities.

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Vol. 3 No. 7 (2021): IJHCS

Published: Sep 14, 2021

ICT Usage for Primary School Administration in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Forward

1-9 Ogunode Niyi Jacob, Nasir Dahir, Yahaya Danjuma M., Deborah Jegede
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Formation of the International Information Security System and Development

10-13 Aliev Olim Aybekovich
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Challenges of Deployment of ICT Facilities by Post-Basic Education and Career Development (PBECD) During Covid-19 in Nigeria

14-21 Ogunode Niyi. Jacob, OkweloguIzunna Somadina, Olatunde-Aiyedun, T. G.
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