A Comparative Study of Nigeria Economic Growth between 2001/ 2020 and 1981/2000

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Owan Raphael Asu
Ojekudo Nathaniel


The study examines a comparative study of two quarters of the Nigerian economy, 2001/2020 and 1981/2000. Identifies the problems facing Nigeria. A multiple linear regression model was used for the analysis. The data for the analysis was obtained from Nigeria's GDP 1981-2020/Macro Trends a publication from the Central Bank of Nigeria and the National Bureau of Statistics. The results show that the first quarter of 2001/2020 has the least root mean square error and the inequality coefficient values of 3.57 and 0.15 denoting the best model. This means that the first quarter (2001/2020) connotes the best economic growth in Nigeria.

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Owan Raphael Asu, & Ojekudo Nathaniel. (2023). A Comparative Study of Nigeria Economic Growth between 2001/ 2020 and 1981/2000. International Journal of Human Computing Studies, 5(10), 41-46. Retrieved from https://journals.researchparks.org/index.php/IJHCS/article/view/4865


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