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This research investigates the Impact of Health Facilities and
low death rate of COVID-19-in Germany compare to other
European Countries. Data were collected from various
secondary sources COVID-19 data base. According to results
German health system with its up to 4 fold higher number
regional public hospitals and topic of many political
discussions might have been one factor to keep mortality
rate -according to the given database- low. However
German doctors, without out any medicine like colleges all
over the world were as helpless as everywhere.One
essential fact according the statements of reputed
virologists might be an early discovery of Corona infection
by sincere attention, focussed testing and early start of
treatment. In Germany with its the easy access to health
service in combination with the large number of hospitals
might be the reason for the „lower“ death rate. Not to
forget the tremendous engagement of highly qualified
doctors and nurses who were willing and able to work
beyond imagination of a routine work.


health facilities and low death rate of covid 19.

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Firtz Bohmler, & Dr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh. (2020). IMPACT OF HEALTH FACILITIES AND LOW DEATH RATE OF COVID-19-IN GERMANY COMPARE TO OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. International Journal on Economics, Finance and Sustainable Development, 2(4), 1-4. Retrieved from


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