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The state of Kosovo, from my legal point of view, formulates rules for the basic functioning of the state as best as possible, with a special emphasis on the Economy sector. It is no coincidence that special emphasis is placed on the sector of the economy, because if we have a good economy, we also have the state. First of all, the economy is the best picture of a country, and that of a financial system, it is noticed that a country has a financial capacity and that the employment sector has been created. Considering that the Economy is the basis for the establishment of a stable and functional state, then they have not taken strategies on how to develop the economy by analyzing all the businesses that may be in the country's economy. Thus, the analysis of the situation starting from the centers of the center, and turning the focus on the local level, and that by looking at which municipality can be at the economic level more. Statistics of the economic situation in the country made by being at a high level as the foundation of the territory and the number of population in that municipality. Therefore, since the population and the wide geography of the territory, second from the municipalities of the municipality of Prizren, there is an economic family and a great economic development in other municipalities, so you need to increase their number of businesses. numerous, this starting from the tourism sector as the most visited city by tourists.


Economic Development Local level City of Prizren Businesses in the city of Prizren

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