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In a dynamically developing media space, special attention is paid to the establishment of effective communication between representatives of different socio-cultures. At present, the massive use of neolexics is observed everywhere and regardless of social or professional affiliation, age, religious views. The main features of the vocabulary and phraseology of the language of the mass media are reflected in the absence of strict prohibitions, any censorship, established norms of use. For example, in Internet slang traits of openness are traced, the transition of certain layers of the population to spoken language, an abundance of borrowings and slangisms that exist on their basis


language, slang, internet, media space, neolexics.

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Alimov, T. 2021. FUNCTIONING OF YOUTH SLANG IN MASS MEDIA. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 2 (Feb. 2021), 114-116. DOI:


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