Published: Feb 1, 2021

Enhancing Communicative Competence in A Second Language Acquisition Classroom: Blended Teaching Method vs Communicative Language Teaching

1-16 Chinaza Solomon Ironsi, Doina Popescu
Read Statistic: 14

Coinage and its socio-economic significance during the reign of amir haydar, the ruler of the bukhara emirate

17-19 Khasanov Murod Gaybullayevich
Read Statistic: 10

Challenges And Opportunities of Institutional Delivery Posed By Health Extension Workers Bure, Gojjam

20-34 Habtamu Wondimu
Read Statistic: 15

The role of pedagogical competence in the development of individual characteristics in students

35-38 Kamala Akilova Sa'dulloyevna
Read Statistic: 13

Formation of Students' Communicative Competencies Based on the Integration of Foreign Languages and Natural Science

39-41 Bayxanova Shoira Dadaxanovna
Read Statistic: 9

Short review on some works and researches about Timur the Great

42-46 Yakubov Muzaffar Kamildjanovich
Read Statistic: 8

Scientific and theoretical fundamentals of creating an informated educational environment

47-54 Mirzaeva Muhayyo Ruzievna, Samadova Sevar Axatovna
Read Statistic: 17

The importance of pedagogical speech in society

55-59 Qutlieva Muhayyo G'ulomovna
Read Statistic: 6

Africentric environmental adaptation and students’ cognitive styles

60-68 Lambert Leinyuy Wirdze Shiyntum
Read Statistic: 37

The main criteria for music education

69-71 Sadritdin Niyazovich Gulov
Read Statistic: 54

Musical and aesthetic education of the student collective musical -aesthetic education student's team

72-75 Ruziev D. Y, Ruziyev D. Yu
Read Statistic: 13

The role of folk songs in educating student’s role of folk songs in student education

76-78 Sherzod Istamovich Shamsiev
Read Statistic: 19

Network security issues and effective protection against network attacks

79-85 Zaripova D.A, Makhmudov Abdukhalil Abdurakhmon ugli
Read Statistic: 14

Dutar maqoms and their history

86-90 Bakhtiyar Ergashbayev Mirzamaxmudovich
Read Statistic: 15

Methodical recommendations on the formation of the voice of a pop singer

91-101 Karimova Mavlyuda Madaminovna
Read Statistic: 9

Classification of uzbek classical music genre

102-108 Kasimov Furkat Ulmasbayevich
Read Statistic: 10

History of uzbek composition and regional styles in uzbek composition

109-113 Yuldashev Boburjon
Read Statistic: 13


114-116 Timur Alimov
Read Statistic: 6

Uzbek folk instruments ipesen - as a tool for education of students

117-120 Rustam Elmurodovich Atamurodov
Read Statistic: 24

Classic national "makom" and its place in the educational process of the direction "musical education"

121-124 Bahram Madrimov
Read Statistic: 43

Cladocera cultivation in different ways in the laboratory

125-129 Turemuratova Gulistan Ismailovna, Nagmetov Hamid Salavat ugli
Read Statistic: 25

Productive cows nutrition in the prevention of infertility monocalcium phosphate, Introvit A + WS and ovaritropin the influence of drugs

130-132 M.A.Sulaymonov, K.N. Norboev, Z.I.Alikulov, M.K.Abdumalikova
Read Statistic: 15

Puzzles as a factor in the formation of elementary mathematical concepts in preschool education

133-137 Rakhimova Fazilat Atabekovna
Read Statistic: 28

School management crisis plan: a preemtive mission in schools

138-144 Takang Jaspa David
Read Statistic: 11

School administration and effective teaching methods in science education in North Central Nigeria

145-161 OLATUNDE-AIYEDUN, Tope Gloria, OGUNODE, Niyi Jacob
Read Statistic: 3

Approahes to teaching and learning of chemistry at the second cycle secondary school level in Cameroon

162-173 Chongwain Lilly Oyoma Jehovah
Read Statistic: 17

A machine learning model for predicting colour trends in the textile fashion industry in south-west Nigeria

174-188 Ajibolu Oyinkansola Gladys, Akinola Solomon Olalekan
Read Statistic: 18

The process of general vocational training of future vocational teachers

189-192 Jalilov Erkin Ergashevich
Read Statistic: 13

Some discrepancies between the presentation of events in the text and chronology of story Gerard Genette's Model

193-197 Ayman E. M. Geedallah
Read Statistic: 4

Formation of professional competencies in future automobiles in the conditions of practical education

198-202 Khodiev Ulugbek Salohiddinovich
Read Statistic: 8

Vulgarisms expressing people’s character and other features of their personalities in the language of dastans

203-205 Khudayberganova Dildora Kulmamatovna
Read Statistic: 6

The role of the family environment in the formation of child psychology

206-209 Bakhramova Abira Abdullaevna
Read Statistic: 5

Faithfulness and confidence reflected in said Ahmad’s works

210-212 Egamberdiyeva Mohidil
Read Statistic: 5

“History of Yamini” as a source of history of central asia

213-218 Laylo Tursunmamatovna Bekmurodova
Read Statistic: 3

Lingupoetics of William Shakespeare drama and works

219-227 Ablakulova Iroda, Yusupova Gulrukh, Akhrorova Nargiza
Read Statistic: 7

A chronological Deviance of Prolepsis Genette's Model

228-232 Ayman E. M. Geedallah
Read Statistic: 6

Artical interpretations if the Story "Yusuf And Zulaiho" in the Repertory of Khorezm Khalfa

233-240 Nazokat Babadjanova Davronbekovna
Read Statistic: 14

Formation of development of social activity in students

241-244 Rakhmanova Muqaddas Kahramonovna
Read Statistic: 12

Use of the systematic analysis method in teaching the "unsaturated hydrocarbons" subject in organic chemistry in general secondary schools

245-249 Nizamov Isomiddin Giyos ugli
Read Statistic: 7

Nkrumah’s appropriation of historical and dialectical materialism as a pathway for African liberation from Neo-Colonialism

250-258 Tanyi Pamela Nugha
Read Statistic: 10

Synergistic approach: managing the global environment political relations

259-264 Kuldoshev Asliddin Tursunovich
Read Statistic: 30

Advanced educational technologies on the basis of creative approaches in teaching mathematics

265-278 E.O.Sharipov, S.Yu.Shodiyev
Read Statistic: 13

Methods of psychological work with secondary school students

279-282 Yeldashova Saida Achilkulievna, Yodgorova Shakhnoza Muhiddinovna
Read Statistic: 11

The influence of early childhood educational experiences on the language development of primary school children in the buea municipality

283-298 Ajongakoh Raymond Bella
Read Statistic: 25

Nkrumah’s appropriation of historical and dialectical materialism as a pathway to African Liberation from Neo-Colonialism

299-308 Pamela Nugha Tanyi, Roger Mondoue
Read Statistic: 26

The predictive validity of common entrance examination and students’ academic performance into Secondary Schools in Bamenda III Subdivision

309-316 Kibinkiri Eric Len, Ngeloh Margaret
Read Statistic: 14

Determinants and impact of armed Robbery in the city of Bamenda, Cameroon

317-326 Ofe Ako-Mbi Aku Elvis, Simon Tata Ngenge, Mark Bolark Funteh
Read Statistic: 25

Analysis of learners’ cognitive competences and the effective teaching of pupils with learning disabilities:A case study of hope academy nursery and primary school in Buea Fako sub- division of Cameroon

327-335 Margaret Nalova Endeley, Ndindeng Nchang Shilum
Read Statistic: 7

Application of the experimental approach in learning

336-344 ATTRASSI Khaled
Read Statistic: 2

Theoretical fundamentals of educational process integration

345-348 Berdikulova Nasiba Erkinjonovna
Read Statistic: 16

The Symbiosis of Bali Nyonga-basel mission relationship: understanding the influence of Bali Nyonga through the prism of basel mission vernacularization in the western grassfields of Cameroon, 1902-1963

349-362 Gilbert Bobumtang Titalanga, Mathew Basung Gwanfogbe, Joseph Lon Nfi
Read Statistic: 34

Socio-psychological support adolescents with accentuations of character and aggressiveness

363-366 Makhliyo Bakhtiyorovna Yuldasheva, Zarnigor Ergashova
Read Statistic: 11

Non-traditional methods in speech therapy assistance to preschoolers with speech impairments

367-369 Musaeva Dilfuza Abdurakhmanovna
Read Statistic: 6

Phraseological Units With Proper Nouns In The English And Uzbek Languages

370-374 Dona Sotvoldiyevna Usmonova, Nigora Usmonjonovna Muydinova
Read Statistic: 10

Scientific analysis of cognitive processes in Al-Farabi’s Teaching

375-379 Fakhriddin Abduvasitovich Yuldashev
Read Statistic: 11

Artificial words, combinations and phrases formed in Uzbek language with the word "Market"

380-383 Uraeva Darmon Saidakhmedovna, Khikmatova Nigina Akmalovna
Read Statistic: 8

The quest for development and the true cost of externalities in developing countries

384-391 Tanwie Talom Gilbert
Read Statistic: 14