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 Copies of the letter collected today by Kamil Devoni, an enlightener and at the same time an intelligent scholar of Dutar status, a skilled dutarist and musicologist, serve as the rarest source. The unique copies of Dutor's maqoms, written using his "tanbur line" notation system, are considered to be the most scientifically and practically perfect texts, which, in the words of musicologists, look perfect. This article highlights the Dutor maqoms and their ancient history, and the formation of the Dutor maqoms from the time of the Khorezmshahs


Dutor maqom Khorezm clever scholar musicologist Kamil Devoniy Movarounnahr skilled dutar player Khorezm music tarona

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Bakhtiyar Ergashbayev Mirzamaxmudovich 2021. Dutar maqoms and their history. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 2 (Feb. 2021), 86-90. DOI:


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