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 This paper precisely attempts to demonstrate the concept of the time regarding to the Genette’s theory to means their distribution of the order of some time which i plan to show the rationale beyond using the analepses only one of the narratological techniques (analepsis) will got to be adopted to research how Dickens attempts to write down his novel. This paper also will specialize in one of amongst Dickens’s novels (Great Expectations) to realize an adequate understanding of their flashingback clarifying the three differing types of analepsis it's divided into two parts; theoretical and empirical, the second part where Genette’s theory is adopted, which can be a sequel of the theoretical part and may specialize in how Dickens’s utilises three kinds of analepsis with ilustration ,this will assist to place the paper in its broader framework


narratological techniques Genette’s theory

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Ayman E. M. Geedallah 2021. Some discrepancies between the presentation of events in the text and chronology of story Gerard Genette’s Model. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 2 (Feb. 2021), 193-197. DOI:


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