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This paper principly attempts to intermingle between Histoire (fabula) and Recit(Syauzet) with relevance structural analysis of prolepsis to indicate chronological and anachcronological order of the novel which through just one narrative techanique with Gerard Genette's theory of narratology during which the order of time is applied, within which a prolepsis was chosen in an English novel to understand the importance of utilization by the author and what influence appears within the narration and also the impact that appears of flashforward usage and the way we understand the places, cause and time beyond the demonstrtion and illustration of advance mentions or anticipation tools, all of this by choosing some examples and explaining each variety of them also as counting the majority examples within the novel so as to comprehend the hidden kind of the author and also the incitement and impulsive behind their presence and existance in the novel


Gerard Genette's theory narrative techanique

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Ayman E. M. Geedallah 2021. A chronological Deviance of Prolepsis Genette’s Model. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 2 (Feb. 2021), 228-232. DOI:


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