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School Crisis needs a response. Leaders in schools are not trained crisis managers and to work well and achieve better results in times of crisis, needs planned actions set aside to preempt any eventual crisis in our schools. This study aim at bringing out credible plan activity as a preemptive measure ready to subside any crisis that may erupt in the school environment. Survey research design was used, specifically qualitative approach in bringing out the research findings. A uni-directional question was asked respondents. The question was: “What school crisis management plan to preempt school crisis can you propose to the minister of secondary education in Cameroon?” using purposeful and convenience sampling technique, the respondents (teachers and administrators) were selected from secondary and high schools in Benoue Division in the North Region of Cameroon and also from Secondary and High Schools from Fako Division in the Southwest region of Cameroon. A total number of 120 respondents were sought from the schools. Another category of respondents selected was five executive members of Parents’ Teachers Association from 10 (ten) schools in Fako division, south west region of Cameroon. A total of 50 (fifty) respondents emerged in this category. Findings reveal a combination of ideas ranging from creating an adhoc crisis committee in schools, the training of school leaders in crisis management, the institutionalizing a school crisis management team and the implantation of trained security operatives in the schools. The study recommends that policy makers in government and particularly the ministry of secondary education strategize through school legislation in making sure all schools in Cameroon implant a crisis committee re-enforced with professional security operatives ready to synergize at all times with the crisis committee.


school management crisis plan

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Takang Jaspa David 2021. School management crisis plan: a preemtive mission in schools. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 2 (Feb. 2021), 138-144. DOI:


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