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The article analyzes the concept of strategic competence in aspect of the problem developed by the author of teaching a foreign language communicative activity. The competence-based approach is recognized as the leading approach in the training of specialists of any profile. The presence of such professional competencies as a specialist’s possession of the ability to communication in oral and written forms in English for solving problems of professional communication, interpersonal and intercultural interaction are decisive in the selection of candidates for position. The content characteristics of the sought-for concept are described, through the prism of which it is proposed author's definition of strategic competence and its component composition.


strategic competence communicative activity communicative strategies components of competence general skills of strategic competence

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Baxrambek qizi, I.M. 2021. TO DEVELOP STUDENTS’ USE OF STRATEGIC COMPETENCE IN ORAL INTERACTION. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 6 (Jun. 2021), 4-7. DOI:


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