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International Journal on Integrated Education (IJIE) is a double-blind peer-reviewed, bimonthly e-journal from the USA, with a strong Editorial Board and a tested rapid peer review system. The IJIE provides a forum for debate on the principles and practice of lifelong, adult, continuing, recurrent and initial education and learning, whether informal, institutional or informal settings. Common themes include the social purpose in integrated education and sociological, policy and political studies of lifelong education. The journal recognizes that research into lifelong learning needs to focus on the relationships between schooling, later learning, active citizenship and personal fulfillment, as well as the relationship between schooling, employability and economic development. With this in mind, IJIE investigates the context for an informed debate on the theory and practice of lifelong education in a variety of countries and settings. All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. Practitioners and researchers in adult, continuing, lifelong, distance and non-formal education.

Vol 3 No 2 (2020): IJIE

Published: Feb 5, 2020

The use of psychology in literary genres

1-3 Viloyat Muzafarovna Bozorova
Read Statistic: 14

Introducing indicators system for strategic management (of undustrial enterprises)

4-9 Umidjon U. Kostaev
Read Statistic: 24

The role of didactic works in world literature

10-14 Dilfuza Bakhtiyorovna Zaripova
Read Statistic: 8

Personal description in the word combination and expression in a speech

15-18 S.A. Nazarova, M.Yu. Khojieva
Read Statistic: 8

Development of transportation types and their usage on caravan roads in middle ages

19-23 Jahongir Yunusugli Ergashev
Read Statistic: 9

Innovation technologies for defining developing periods of Eurygaster integriceps Puton in corn plants

24-29 G.M. Musayeva, X.K Yaxyayev
Read Statistic: 6

The importance of Mirzo Ulugbek madrassah in developing the system of education in its time

30-33 Xolida Tojiyeva
Read Statistic: 8

Methods in cognitive linguistics

34-36 Muzaffar Muradovich Rakhimov
Read Statistic: 6

Foreign and Uzbekistan: the need to prevent youth crime

37-41 A.A. Tolipov
Read Statistic: 34

The role and role of digital economy and information technology in the agricultural sector

42-44 Azizbek Mukhiddin ugli Khurramov
Read Statistic: 6

The use of statistical methods in the analysis of mobile payment market in Poland

45-50 Artur Borcuch
Read Statistic: 6

The statistical analysis of „Safety” feature for payment cards with contactless payment function, cash and mobile payments in Poland. Results of own research

51-55 Artur Borcuch
Read Statistic: 6

The statistical analysis of availability feature for payment cards with contactless payment function, cash and mobile payments in Poland. Results of own research

56-61 Artur Borcuch
Read Statistic: 7

The fight against avena fatua in the middle of a wheat field

62-64 N.T. Boboeva, S.U. Nazarov, Q.G Zokirov
Read Statistic: 0

Theoretical foundations of the translation theory

65-67 Yulduz Malikovna Kasimova, E'zoza Ne'matullayevna Alimova, Akmal A'zamjonovich Ulkanov
Read Statistic: 0

A research study on investors behaviour regarding choice of asset allocation of teaching staff

68-77 Gobinda Dhamala, Khushboo Sharma, Dimple Patel, Kunal Jaiswal
Read Statistic: 0

A research study on awareness of fin-tech among millennial

78-87 Singh Ravins Rajkumar, Popat Ronak, Vipul Jha, Dhruv Dilip
Read Statistic: 0

Interviews of citology in uzbek language problems and objectives

88-90 Komila Dekanovna Alimova
Read Statistic: 0

Psychological and pedagogical characteristics of a high school student

91-95 R. Karimov, Yo. Soliyev, A. Ermirzayev, O. Bahodirov, E. Abdurazoqov
Read Statistic: 0
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