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In article the role and value of spiritual education as a major factor of development of a society are considered. The author of article, opening globalization positive sides, simultaneously opens negative influence of global processes in spiritual consciousness of youth. In articles the reasons and display of arising spiritual problems are analyzed and ways of elimination of these problems in the course of education are offered. Pertinently being proved by products of Presidents of Republic, the author specifies that, only using national values of education it is possible to keep advantage and perfection of youth. The author, proceeding from the research, in articles offers principles and ways of education of youth to the globalization present stage.


globalization mass culture antiideological sites moral education labor education family values spiritual education ideological education

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Mutalibovna, A.M. 2021. INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO MODERN YOUTH EDUCATION. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 6 (Jun. 2021), 34-37. DOI:


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