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The article deals with the issues based on analyzing the importance of socio-cultural factors in the development of sociolinguistic competence of journalism students. As we know, the society needs a specialist who not only has a high level of professionalism, social activity, demonstrates a creative, constructive attitude to his work, but also the ability to work in a team, adapt to change, share the values necessary to live in a complex democratic society, be its responsible citizen. In this article ethno-cultural and socio-cultural factors of the English language and the methodology of teaching a foreign language is considered, possible ways of the most effective resources for the formation of sociolinguistic competence in students of the specialty "journalism" are shown.


ethno-cultural and socio-cultural factors sociolinguistic competence culture

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Shakirjanovna, K.D. 2022. The Importance of Socio-Cultural Factors in the Development of Sociolinguistic Competence of Journalism Students. International Journal on Integrated Education. 5, 11 (Nov. 2022), 115-119.


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