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This article is about Quality software for the creation of electronic libraries allows those who are not specialists in this field to think, collect, correctly compile and distribute collections that contain new information, even without them. This is considered to be very important, because the creation of such collections is the factor of enriching the teaching process and teaching materials. The emergence of the internet or the entire World Wide Web (World Wide Web) allows us all and each of us to gain access to an unlimited amount of information, thereby changing the attitude of society to information. Of course, it is difficult to call the Internet a reliable source for general enlightenment, and the thoughtless use of the information contained therein is even dangerous, such a situation is also, wide spread


modern educational electron publications nature of basic information

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Murodov Nodirbek Oybek Ogli and Shuhratjon Durmenov Nurmamatovich 2020. Enriching education through electronic resources in the home process. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 7 (Jul. 2020), 1-3. DOI:


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