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The leadership pattern  of the head a  madrasah is very influential  in improving the quality of education in an educational institution. This research was conducted  at  the  ma  muhammadiyah  lamongan  10  palirangan  solokuro formulation with the following problems: (1) what is the pattern of leadership of the madrasa heads in improving the quality of education at ma muhammadiyah 10 palirangan solokuro lamongan? ; (2) what is the achievement of quality education at   ma   muhammadiyah   10   palirangan   solokuro   lamongan?   ;   (3)   what   are   the supporting factors  and obstacles to the  pattern  of leadership of the  madrasa leaders in improving the quality of education at ma muhammadiyah lamongan 10 palirangan solokuro ?. The method used in this study uses a qualitative approach. To the type of phenomenological research and collection of data through observation techniques, interviews, documentation and questionnaires. As for the results of this study is the leadership pattern of the head of the madrassa by using an autocratic pattern has succeeded in improving the quality of education


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Husnul Aqib and Nur Efendi 2020. Pattern Principals Leadership in Increasing Quality Education MA Muhammadiyah 10 Palirangan Solokuro Lamongan. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 8 (Aug. 2020), 222-228. DOI:


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