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Covid-19 raised indeed prejudice among people than ever before what should never be taken for granted; the author intended to identify the circumstance of prejudice touching Covid-19 in Bangladesh. In this study, the author used the qualitative method of research to analyze and discuss data narratively. This study found out a simple result which is people relating to Covid-19, from the very beginning, were subjected to brutal and humiliating treatment. Other specific findings are- with a few exceptions, people were associated with prejudice about Covid-19; people did whatever they want without thinking the perilous situation of Covid-19 infected patients and dead body; as doctors and nurses treated infected patients, the neglect they had similarly suffered; the family of Covid-19 infected people also faced negligent practices of neighbors after the other. In this case, the sufferers couldn’t wait indefinitely and the policymakers of Bangladesh had a lot more to do while there is still time. Therefore, they took more effective and urgent actions which can be a wake-up call on how people should behave to make a greener future. This study will help researchers, academicians, and policymakers with providing valuable information about the situation of prejudice about Covid-19 in Bangladesh.


prejudice inhuman behaviour Covid-19 Bangladesh

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Abdul Karim Gazi 2020. Prejudice and Discrimination Relating to Covid-19 in Bangladesh’s Perspective. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 9 (Sep. 2020), 138-145. DOI:


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