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Cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems neonatal pathology in premature babies leads to systemic and organ hypoxia, which is one of the main risk factors for premature retinopathy (PR) development. Among the certain neuron-specific proteins, the most studied and adequately characterizing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) proper membrane function is neuro-specific enolase (NSE), which is currently used to diagnose acute conditions characterized by cerebral ischemia and brain hypoxia, occurring with impaired BBB function.


blood-brain barrier hypoxia neurospecific enolase premature retinopathy

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D.I. Tashkhanova and M.Kh. Karimova 2020. The nse predictive value in pr development. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 5-7. DOI:


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