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This article argues that when weeds in winter wheat fields are grown without eradication, the weeds will have a significant amount of shade, absorb some water and nutrients, and adversely affect the structure of the crop. Puma super (1 l / to) against cereals, Granstar (15 g / to) against biphasic weeds, and the elimination of Kroshka variety of winter wheat resulted in a long spike, a large number of grains in the spikes, spikes and spikes in a single spike. increased grain yield  this condition has been reported to improve radically the efficiency of the grain structure when mixed and sprayed with Puma super (1 l / to), two-stage weed Granstar (15 g / to) herbicides against more grain weeds.


winter wheat weeds monocotyledonous plant herbicide wheatgrass yield

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S.X.Sullieva and Q.G’.Zokirov 2020. The structure of the yield of winter wheat when using herbicides against weeds. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 37-40. DOI:


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