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We all know that ensuring the quality of foreign language teaching of the younger generation, radically improving the system of training specialists fluent in foreign languages, the development of foreign languages ​​that meet international educational standards.  Training is one of the goals of the ongoing educational reform in our country.  In order to identify and identify opportunities for language teaching, the teacher's knowledge, creativity, ability to arouse students' love for their subject, to establish a cooperative relationship with the student requires modern requirements.  The decision is aimed at further development of foreign language teaching, implementation of measures to improve the level and quality of training of highly qualified teachers of foreign languages ​​for secondary schools, vocational colleges and academic lyceums, higher education institutions in accordance with international standards.   At the same time, it should be noted that each language studied has its own rules and secrets.  In order to become a professional who meets international standards, the learner is required to ignore the most delicate layers of language.


pedagogical technology artificial intelligence data use ethics non-philological educational institutions memory-strengthening exercises “chain drill” “broken telephone” Speaker with Translator

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(IJIE), I.J. on I.E. and Sobirova Robiyaxon Maxamatismoyilovna 2020. Enhancing students motivation in Learning English Language for non-philology students. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 41-44. DOI:


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