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Erkin Azam is one of the artists who considers creativity as destiny. The author has won the hearts of readers mainly with his stories and short stories. But in recent years, the author's novel "Noise" was published. Several articles have been published about the work. The author's novel is based on symbolism and is one of the most unusual works. The novel seeks to portray a particular aspect of life in terms of its own style. Changes in the development of different genres can be seen in the genre of short stories in the works of the writer. Umarali Normatov, a literary critic who has written about short stories in recent years, writes: “When we look at our short stories today, first of all, the subject matter attracts attention in terms of problems, form, style; Among them are works on historical, modern, socio-political, family, romantic themes, both traditional romantic, realistic, modernist, serious and humorous, adventure-detective. no matter what the diversity. ” As noted, in this genre, a variety of thematic stories have been created, in which the human psyche, character traits are interpreted. Analysis of the artistic features of the author's novel "Noise", the demonstration of the writer's skill determines the relevance of the topic


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Gayratova Gulzoda 2020. LINGUPOETICS AND IMAGES IN FREE WORKS ERKIN A’ZAM. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 56-58. DOI:


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