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Our nature is rich in a variety of wonders: from small animals and plants to the wonders of the flora, which is famous for its greatness.  In this article we will consider one of these natural wonders, the Hoplophyllum family, which is widespread in Gissar district.  We will talk in detail about its types, properties and significance.  We will pay special attention to its medical benefits.


gissar disctirct hiplophyllyum Rutaceae Daurian whole-leaf Haplophyllum tenue Haplophyllum teberculatum gynecological disorders

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Uralov Rustam Abduraimovich 2020. THE SPECIES OF HOPLOPHYLLUM FAMILY DISTRIBUTED IN THE SOUTH-WESTERN GISSAR DISTRICT. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 59-60. DOI:


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