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Published: Jan 8, 2021

Effects of Bank and Non Bank Institution Credit on Small and Medium Size Enterprise in Cameroon

1-13 Dr Takoutio Feudjio virginie
Read Statistic: 54

To the development of graphics in central asia great scientists who have contributed

14-16 Botayev Ahmadali Ashurovich, Ergasheva Orifaxon Kholmurodovna, Ilyosjon Mamatov Ilhomovich
Read Statistic: 20

Analisis Pendapatan Alat Tangkap Purse Seine Di Pangkalan Pendaratan Ikan (Ppi) Inengo Kabupaten Bone Bolango

14-21 Lis M. Yapanto, Citra Panigoro, Fitriyanti Makasau
Read Statistic: 12

Gradual Implementation of Smart Management Principles in The Higher Education System of Uzbekistan

22-29 Dilshodbek Toshpulatov, Bahodirjon Nosirov, Turgunboy Khalmatov
Read Statistic: 36

Features of The Audit of Travel Organizations

30-34 Eshmamatova Madina
Read Statistic: 5

The Efficient use of Human Resources in the Digital Economy

35-38 Ulugmuradova Nodira Bedimuradovna
Read Statistic: 11

The role of small business in ensuring the economic sustainability of families

39-46 O.H.Mahmudov
Read Statistic: 21