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 The tasks of restoring national values in a modern society, raising the morale of the individual, creating a healthy social environment, raising the issue of ensuring the spiritual and moral maturity of citizens to the level of state policy, targeted, systematic, Continuous, consistent implementation is closely linked to factors such as the realization of the potential of the younger generation. In particular, it is important to bring up bachelors studying in music universities to be skilled, qualified, scientifically capable, spiritually rich and morally pure, loyal to their country. This article discusses the traditional singing lesson to give students an idea of the body system and the historical formation of the shashmaqom.


teacher Uzbek music nation status harmonious person national culture

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Mamirova Odinahon 2021. To provide Students with an understanding of the historical formation of the Maqomat System and Shashmaqom in a Traditional Singing Lesson. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 3 (Mar. 2021), 43-46. DOI:


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