Published: Mar 3, 2021

Online classes and learning in the Philippines during the Covid-19 Pandemic

1-6 Aris E. Ignacio
Read Statistic: 50

Music of Southeast Asia: Musical Ensembles

7-11 Almighty C. Tabuena
Read Statistic: 57

Product labeling and certification of livestock industry in Nigeria- Matters Arising

12-24 Obong Joy Ime
Read Statistic: 12

Educational Planning in Nigeria: Problems and the Ways Forward

25-32 Deborah Gregory, Deborah Jegede
Read Statistic: 10

Contemporary Music Theory, Scientific Musical views of Eastern Thinkers

33-37 Gulbaxar Eshbaeva
Read Statistic: 23

Topical issues of Organizational and Methodological basis of activity of Ballet and Dance Ensembles, circles in the Republic of Karakalpakstan

38-42 Gulchira Khodzhametova
Read Statistic: 21

To provide Students with an understanding of the historical formation of the Maqomat System and Shashmaqom in a Traditional Singing Lesson

43-46 Mamirova Odinahon
Read Statistic: 16

Digital literacy of Unversity students as a pointer to use of Library Database E-Resources in Nigeria

47-59 Esther Ogheneyoma Omoefe, Anthonia Ukamaka Echedom
Read Statistic: 10

Methods of Organizing Practical and Theoretical Classes for Students in The Process of Teaching Fine Arts

60-66 Botir Boltabaevich Baymetov, Sunnat Aslonovich Shovdirov
Read Statistic: 17

Central Asia: Conflicts of Globalization and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation

67-74 Shukhratjon Abdullaev
Read Statistic: 10

Gender And Social Issues In Teenage Hawking: Implications on Educational Development in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

75-86 Chidimma Nwaduito Obioha, Roseline Sama, Emmanuel Shu Ngwa
Read Statistic: 13

Health Care Reforms in Bukhara

87-92 Hayotova Nafisa Zakirovna
Read Statistic: 11

Investigating a Register on Language Displayed in the Billboard of Food and Beverage in Medan

93-100 Resty Wahyuni
Read Statistic: 437

Methods of using Modern Pedagogical and Information Technologies of Fine Arts in the process of preparing Students

101-104 Azimov Sanjar Samadovich, Azimov Sanjar Samadovich, Sulaymonova Maftuna Nosirovna
Read Statistic: 8

Verbalization of the concept “Woman” in English Phraseological Units

105-114 Tillayev Zafar Akmalovich
Read Statistic: 7

On the use of Metaphorical means in a work of Art and their Lexico-Grammar Characteristics

115-118 Islamova Ozoda G’ulom qizi, Khayrullaeva Aziza Yigitali qizi
Read Statistic: 10

On some features of Foreign Language Teaching in Primary Schools (In French materials)

119-121 Khayrullaeva Aziza Yigitali qizi, Islamova Ozoda G’ulom qizi, Aliyeva Gulzoda Tulkinovna
Read Statistic: 27

A Commentary on a Poem

122-125 Eshmirzaev Bakhodir Djoraevich, Khushbokov Kobilbek Shokirovich, Khurramova Kunduzoy Shodievna, Yakubova Gulrukh Gayratovna
Read Statistic: 10

Harmony of Art and Content in Alisher Navoi's Gazelles

126-130 Ahmedov Hoshim Hakimovich, Salomova Gulruh Alikhon qizi
Read Statistic: 9

“An assessment on the Perception of Community Toward the Practice of Commercial Sex Work and its Implication on the Health Care of Prostitutes” in Gondar Town

131-143 Abie Assres Fenta
Read Statistic: 3

Understanding the Nature, Characteristics, and Ethics of Inquiry and Research for Beginning Practical Research Students

144-152 Almighty C. Tabuena, Yvon Mae C. Hilario, Mhelmafa P. Buenaflor
Read Statistic: 40

The Reforms in Uzbekistan in Yhe Sphere of Religious Tolerance

153-158 Samadova Sarvinoz Samad kizi
Read Statistic: 6

Review: Covid-19 and Tinnitus

159-161 Meena Afzali, Nirusha Weerasinghe, Nakul Patel, Fahimullah Hayat
Read Statistic: 1

The Impact of Work Place Bullying Practices and Job Satisfaction among Employees of Tesco Stores in Johor Bahru

Read Statistic: 28

The World of Themes of Sirojiddin Sayyid's Poems

170-176 Qudratova Muborak Shuhratovna
Read Statistic: 4

The Negative Consequences of Growing Cotton in Uzbekistan and ways to overcome them

177-182 Rakhimov Olim Hamitovich
Read Statistic: 2

Poetic Interpretation of the Genealogy of Kurgan School of Friendship

183-188 Abbos Tursunkulov
Read Statistic: 7

Alienation as a form of self-protection; the painfulness of growing up in the book "The Catcher in the Rye" of J.D. Salinger

189-192 Bozorova Viloyat Muzaffarovna, Maqsudova Mohigul Usmonovna
Read Statistic: 8

An assessment on the perception of community toward the practice of commercial sex work and its implication on the health care of prostitutes” in Gondar town

193-205 Abie Assres Fenta
Read Statistic: 9

The reforms in Uzbekistan in the sphere of Religious Tolerance

206-211 Samadova Sarvinoz Samad kizi
Read Statistic: 6

Study of “Kutadgu bilig (Wisdom of royal glory)” abroad

212-214 Abdullaev Khamro Dauletbaevich
Read Statistic: 12

Assessing the Quality of Mathematics in Cameroon Primary School Textbooks and its Implications to Learning

215-222 Napthalin A. Atanga
Read Statistic: 11

Modern Technology of irrigation of garden trees in Agriculture

223-224 L. Sh. Qayumova, U. B. Bekmurodov, S.T. Burieva, Pulatov G.E
Read Statistic: 2

Diagnostic video bronchoscopy in children

225-228 Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Ruziev Jasur Aslidinovich, Babayarov Karshiboy Rabbimovich
Read Statistic: 30

Improving Legal Protection for Information

229-231 Selimanova Svetlana, Tallibayev Umid
Read Statistic: 13

Setting methods of Cotton Seeds and Agrotechnical Indicators of Selected Seeds

232-233 O`rishev G`ulom, Isroilov Sardorbek Sandjarbekovich
Read Statistic: 14

Method of disinfection of an Echinococcal Cyst

234-236 Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Shamsiev Azamat Muhitdinovich, Babajanov Nurbek Maxsudovich
Read Statistic: 19

Teaching Foreign Languages at Preschools

237-239 Kholiqova Khafiza Vokhidovna
Read Statistic: 12

The importance of using Chemical Transformation by future Chemistry Teachers

240-244 Ismailov Saidjon Azamjonovich
Read Statistic: 17

Socio-Economic basis of Amir Temur's Policy

245-248 Tursunmurod MAMATKOBILOV, Mahliyo Nomuratova
Read Statistic: 30

Factors of adherence to Gender Equality

249-251 Otakulov Shuhrat Muradullaevich
Read Statistic: 11

Intraoperative express diagnostics of the effectiveness of antiparasitic treatment during Echinococectomy

252-255 Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Shamsiev Azamat Muhitdinovich, Babajanov Nurbek Maxsudovich
Read Statistic: 23

Intestinal stomas in pediatric coloproctology

256-260 Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Imamov Donobek Olimdzhanovich, Makhmudov Zafar Mamadzhanovich
Read Statistic: 39

Assessing the quality of Mathematics in cameroon primary school textbooks and its implications to Learning

261-268 Napthalin A. Atanga
Read Statistic: 2

Research on the production of bearing details in a modern method

269-271 Akbarjon Baymirzaev
Read Statistic: 17

Clinical and endoscopic diagnostics of foreign bodies of the respiratory tract in children

272-275 Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Ruziev Jasur Aslidinovich, Dusyarov Jaloliddin Toyirovich
Read Statistic: 29

Improving the spiritual and moral education of a large group of children in preschool education

276-277 Matchanov Bekpulat Amanboevich
Read Statistic: 14

Comparative analysis of Lingvocultural aspects of proverbs and sayings about Parents and problems of Lingvodidactics (based on materials of Uzbek and English languages)

278-280 Zokhida Tursinova Sharobidinovna, Nilufar Ochilova Kabilovna, Usmanova Zamira Abdunazar kizi
Read Statistic: 50

Study of Physico-Chemical properties of Oil Sludge

281-286 Yuldashev Narbek Khudainazarovich, Khurmamatov Abdugoffor Mirzabdullaevich, Khudaynazarov Shokhrukhbek Narbek ugli
Read Statistic: 1

Possibilities of Kipchak Dialects in filling the Lexicon of Uzbek Language

287-294 Khasanov Abdumannon Majidovich
Read Statistic: 222

Developing a Computer Game design as a Students’ self-study project

295-298 Baydullayeva Firuza Akilbekovna
Read Statistic: 2

The role of assessing knowledge in the organization of distance education system

299-301 Gulnora Kholiyarova
Read Statistic: 4

Using learning strategies in the process of individual work to develop Language Skills

302-304 Samanova Shahlo Bahtiyarovna
Read Statistic: 3

Teaching students with learning disabilities: Perceptions of a First-Year Teacher

305-307 Sultanova Dilorom Baxadirovna
Read Statistic: 12

The usage of media content technology in teaching of Military English

308-312 Turaeva Nigora Nuriddinovna
Read Statistic: 6

Problems of structural classification of compound words

313-317 Umarova Nigora Amirjon Qizi
Read Statistic: 3

The importance of Teaching Culture as a part of learning Foreign Languages

318-321 Adilova Fotima Muhammadanasovna
Read Statistic: 5

Determinant of Youth Participations in Agri-Business in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State

322-332 Yusuf, A.S, Akhideno, L.O, Omoghie, E.S, Adetola, O.O, Osazuwa, D.K, Simpson V.B
Read Statistic: 4

Architecture and Design. Interior Design and Architectural Graphics

333-334 Khatamova Ozoda Olimovna
Read Statistic: 1

Administration of Christian Religious Studies in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Problems and Way Forward

335-344 Jegede Deborah, Revd Iroegbu Samuel Enyioma Ezechimere, Ogunode Niyi Jacob
Read Statistic: 1

Design of Educational Modules in the Development of Economic Competency in Professional Development

345-351 Ilkxomov B.I.
Read Statistic: 22

Online Learning Through Moodle Platform in Uzbekistan During The Covid-19 Pandemic

352-355 Soliyeva Zohida Zokir qizi, Gulzahryam Alimovna Ablizova
Read Statistic: 9

Endurance Formation in General Physical Training Students

356-359 Muratov Muzaffar Shermamatovich, Normaxmatov Ilxom Zayniddinovich, Axmedjanov Shuxrat Boltaevich, Sattorov Qarshiboy Norqulovich, Shermamatov Akobir Muzaffarovich, Eshmurodov Qodir Abriyevich
Read Statistic: 13

Direction of Students For Independent Physical Training and Sports Fitness

360-363 Muratov Muzaffar Shermamatovich, Hayitova Ulfatoy Tursunovna, Normaxmatov Ilxom Zayniddinovich, Axmedjanov Shuxrat Boltayevich, Xasanova Shohista Xasanovna, Shermamatov Akobir Muzaffarovich

An Analysis of Figurative Language on Joe Biden’s Victory Speech

364-375 Febriani Nainggolan, Dwike Agustina Siahaan, Bloner Sinurat, Herman
Read Statistic: 10

Problems of Studying Speech Parts in Linguistics

376-383 Sh.Akramov
Read Statistic: 9

Features of Mythologism in Timur Pulatov's Story "Possession"

402-405 Buranova Jamila, Sadinova Dilfuza
Read Statistic: 8

On the Historical Relation between the Spiritual Traditions of Samarkand and St. Petersburg (based on Russian State Historical Archives)

406-409 Dilora Nazarovna Radjabova
Read Statistic: 2

Some Characteristics of Marcia (Based on materials from the literary environment of Margilan in the 19th - early 20th centuries)

410-415 Nodirjon Uraimovich Abdulakhatov, Sherzod Koraboev
Read Statistic: 11

The Role of "Usul al-Fiqh" in Islamic Jurisprudence

416-423 Dildora Komiljanovna Nishanova
Read Statistic: 5

The Life and Scientific Activity of Ahmad Ibn Yahya al-Balazuri

424-430 Ummataliev Sohibjon Hikmatali ugli
Read Statistic: 7

Analysis of Ethnodemographic and Ethnocultural Relations Between The Fergana Valley and Eastern Turkestan

431-435 Gulnorahon Komiljonovna Valikhonova
Read Statistic: 7

The Shuttle Trade in Uzbekistan Markets (1990–1918)

436-439 Shakhodat Yusubjon qizi Okhunjonova
Read Statistic: 4

The Attitude of Regular Students Towards The Education of Children With Disabilities in Secondary Schools in The Buea Sub-Division

384-401 Ambei Ruhama Feizefu
Read Statistic: 9

Lectural and Seminar Lessons in Higher Educational Institutions From Congruence and Coherence Aspects

440-447 Takhirova Masuda Abdujabbor qizi
Read Statistic: 2

Singular points classification of first order differential equations system not solved for derivatives

448-450 Khusanov Bazar, Kulmirzaeva Gulrabo Abduganievna
Read Statistic: 13

Leadership Qualities of Students - As an Integral Part of A Developed Personality, in Their Organizational Activities

451-453 Svetlana Saytbekova
Read Statistic: 5

The Concept of Fractals in The Fine Art

454-457 Khasanova Marjona Amirovna

Application of Plate Autoplasma in Treatment of Osteoarthrosis and its Clinical Effectiveness

458-463 Irismetov M.E, Toshev F.N, Turaeva F.A
Read Statistic: 11

The rare pearl of Uzbek National Didactics

464-467 Muzayana Sobirova
Read Statistic: 4

Negative Politeness

468-471 Yuldasheva Feruza Erkinovna
Read Statistic: 1