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For 10 years of work in the Department of Neonatal and General Surgery No. 2 of the SamMI clinic, 223 children - carriers of intestinal stomas with pathology of the colon and perineum were treated. All patients underwent a comprehensive examination, including the study of complaints and anamnesis of the disease, clinical examination, laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity organs, kidneys and small pelvis, X-ray examination of the intestines


children intestinal stomas

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Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Imamov Donobek Olimdzhanovich and Makhmudov Zafar Mamadzhanovich 2021. Intestinal stomas in pediatric coloproctology. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 3 (Mar. 2021), 256-260. DOI:


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