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To increase the reliability, simplify the assessment of the viability of protoscolexes, significantly reduce the duration of testing, we have developed and used a simple and reliable "Method for determining the effectiveness of antiparasitic treatment of echinococcal cysts" in this study, which allows to determine the viability of protoscolexes during the operation and in a short time. The essence of the invention lies in the fact that after antiparasitic treatment of an echinococcal cyst, 2 drops of wash water are poured into the well of a glass slide, followed by microscopy at 1000-fold magnification. Microscopic examination assesses the motor activity and morphostructure of the parenchyma of protoscolexes and acephalocysts. Lack of motor activity in combination with destruction and smoothing of the parenchyma structure, destruction of the crown of the protoscolex hooks indicate irreversible destructive changes and death of the parasite, in these cases antiparasitic treatment is recognized as effective. Revealing even insignificant motor activity, as well as maintaining the shape, morphostructure of the parenchyma, demonstrate the viability of the protoscolex and indicate the ineffectiveness of antiparasitic treatment


morphostructure assessment of the viability of protoscolexes antiparasitic treatment

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Shamsiev Jamshid Azamatovich, Shamsiev Azamat Muhitdinovich and Babajanov Nurbek Maxsudovich 2021. Intraoperative express diagnostics of the effectiveness of antiparasitic treatment during Echinococectomy. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 3 (Mar. 2021), 252-255. DOI:


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