Understanding the Nature, Characteristics, and Ethics of Inquiry and Research for Beginning Practical Research Students

  • Almighty C. Tabuena Senior High School Faculty Member, High School Department, Espiritu Santo Parochial School of Manila, Inc., Manila, Philippines
  • Yvon Mae C. Hilario Faculty Member, High School English Department, St. Stephen’s High School, Manila, Philippines
  • Mhelmafa P. Buenaflor Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Education Sciences, Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines
Keywords: characteristics, ethics, inquiry, practical research, research, students


The research aims to discover evidence, develop an explanatory theory, and create original works of significant creative value through systematic and thorough investigation. A research method must have certain characteristics and properties to be considered good research: it must be regulated, thorough, systematic, accurate, and verifiable. Since research often starts with a problem and finishes with a problem, many of the issues raised in the research recommendations may become new research topics. It is based on direct experience or observation, employs facts and evidence collected through a rigorous investigation, and draws clear conclusions using valid procedures and principles. Furthermore, data collection shows cautious and accurate judgment, as well as the use of validated analytical procedures. On the other hand, study design and methods are repeated for the researcher to draw clear and definitive conclusions. In the research process, ethics elevates the promotion of knowledge, fact, and credibility. It also promotes principles that are important for collaborative work, such as trust, transparency, mutual respect, and justice. The ethical codes and policies for the study include honesty, objectivity, transparency, confidentiality, human subject rights, and intellectual property respect. Researchers should also recognize the following rights of research subjects such as voluntary participation, informed consent, risk of harm, confidentiality, and anonymity. Intentional misinterpretation, misinformation, and false statements must be avoided to prevent cases of plagiarism, and proper credit must be provided when using other people's work.


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