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The article discussed the problems facing the administration of Christian religious programme in Nigerian secondary schools. Secondary data was used to support the points raised in the article. The secondary data were sourced from printed material and online publication by recognized institutions and individual author. There are many problems facing the administration of Christian Religious programme in Nigerian secondary schools. Some of the challenges include; inadequate funding of Christian Religious programme, inadequate Christian Religious studies teachers, inadequate infrastructural facilities, shortage of Christian Religious studies instructional materials, poor capacity development programme for Christian Religious studies teachers and negative attitude of students towards the study of Christian Religious programme. To solve these challenges, this article recommends the following: government and well-meaning Christian philanthropists and Institutions should increase the funding of Christian Religious programme, provide adequate infrastructural facilities, employment of more Christian Religious studies professional teachers and motivate Christian Religious studies teachers by increasing their salaries and ensure effective staff development


Administration Challenges Christian Religious programme Secondary school

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Jegede Deborah, Revd Iroegbu Samuel Enyioma Ezechimere and Ogunode Niyi Jacob 2021. Administration of Christian Religious Studies in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Problems and Way Forward. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 3 (Apr. 2021), 335-344. DOI:


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