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 The development of general endurance among students engaged in general physical training was studied. Reducing fatigue in students caused by exercises, improving their physical condition is one of the important and interesting topics. The paper considers one of the ways to increase endurance, its results are demonstrated. According to the results of the study, there was a development in students of general endurance. The search for a variant of optimal exercises for the development of general endurance among students, gives grounds to assert about the beneficial effect on the body of students of moderate running loads for a given time


BMI endurance students loads breathing physical education

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Muratov Muzaffar Shermamatovich, Normaxmatov Ilxom Zayniddinovich, Axmedjanov Shuxrat Boltaevich, Sattorov Qarshiboy Norqulovich, Shermamatov Akobir Muzaffarovich and Eshmurodov Qodir Abriyevich 2021. Endurance Formation in General Physical Training Students. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 3 (Apr. 2021), 356-359. DOI:


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