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 This paper is dedicated to the analysis of semantic and linguocultural peculiarities of some English and Uzbek proverbs as well as sayings about parents. The counterparts of some proverbs in a goal language are specified for deciphering them in the different language to discover numerous crucial revolutionary methods of interpretation and collating their features in the Uzbek and English languages. The consequences and examples of this article can assist to differentiate a few variations in the meanings of the English and Uzbek proverbs, sayings about parents and to analyze linguocultural peculiarities of them. Furthermore, the paper illustrates an unified orientation toward strengthening the methodological foundation of coaching overseas languages through linguistic and didactical data, which allows enforcing the interdisciplinary and communicative mechanisms in the language acquisition process.


proverb saying linguoculturology synonymy antonym linguodidactics communication aims pragmatic features

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Zokhida Tursinova Sharobidinovna, Nilufar Ochilova Kabilovna and Usmanova Zamira Abdunazar kizi 2021. Comparative analysis of Lingvocultural aspects of proverbs and sayings about Parents and problems of Lingvodidactics (based on materials of Uzbek and English languages). International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 3 (Mar. 2021), 278-280. DOI:


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