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 The excellence of public administration, established by Amir Temur, and his commitment to the principles of justice, consultations of scientists with each decision of the ruler, the benefits and harms of work, unity of opinion, vigilance, caution are accepted in accordance with the principles and specifications. The unconditional implementation of the decisions of the ruler shows that the rules for the selection, training and appointment of officials, formed on the basis of thousands of years of experience and traditions of those times, are embodied in the theoretical views on governance in states that have made a name for themselves in history


Amir Timur public administration Temur tuzuklari national statehood science and education Timur’s code social justice deliberation entrepreneurship

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Abdujabbarova Musallam Lapasovna, Davlatov Oybek Ganievich (PhD) and Sultanov Komiljon Aslonovich 2021. The History of The Development of The Foundations of Public Administrations of Amir Temur. "Temur Tuzuklari" as The Basis Of Statehood. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 4 (Apr. 2021), 15-22. DOI:


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