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Published: Apr 8, 2021

Translating Methods of English Geological Terms and The Problem of Computer Lexicography

1-4 Akhmedov Oybek Saporbayevich, Turdikulova Barno Toirkulovna
Read Statistic: 25

Determinant of Youth Participations in Agri-Business in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State

5-14 Yusuf A.S., Akhideno L.O., Omoghie E.S., Adetola O.O., Osazuwa D.K, Simpson V.B.
Read Statistic: 0

The History of The Development of The Foundations of Public Administrations of Amir Temur. "Temur Tuzuklari" as The Basis Of Statehood

15-22 Abdujabbarova Musallam Lapasovna, Davlatov Oybek Ganievich (PhD), Sultanov Komiljon Aslonovich
Read Statistic: 11

History of The Formation and Establishment of The Uzbek Language

23-28 Gulnoza Kakhramonovna Rakhimova
Read Statistic: 7

Forms of word formation in the speech of the Turkmens of Karakalpakstan, the influence of the Uzbek and Karakalpak languages in their speech

29-32 Kurtchaev Altybay
Read Statistic: 9

Increase the Death Penalty in Rape Offenses: Prospects and Challenges for Future

33-39 Abdulla-Al-Mamun
Read Statistic: 60

The Role of Detective-Criminal Words in the Creation of Character (in the examples of J.H.Chase’s works)

40-43 Nozima Kholikova, Madina Djuraeva
Read Statistic: 4

Determinant of Youth Participations in Agri-Business in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State

44-54 Yusuf A.S, Akhideno L.O, Omoghie E.S, Adetola O.O, Osazuwa D.K, Simpson V.B
Read Statistic: 1

Progress of the Implementation of the Learner Centered Approach in Tanzania

55-72 Rwegasha Ishemo
Read Statistic: 1

Reduced Capital Costs When Using a Frequency-Controlled Electric Drive in Pumping Units

73-81 Islom Khafizov, Komil Gafforov, Zilola Imomova3
Read Statistic: 5

Les Représentations De L’enseignant Et Sa Pratique De La Négociation Didactique

82-93 Blandine Tamelo Tindo
Read Statistic: 6

A Legal Appraisal of The Mechanism For The Enforcement of Measures To Fight Against Climate Change in Cameroon

95-`108 Mr. Nah Henry Mbutu
Read Statistic: 7

The Role Of Independent Reading In Improving Young Learners’ Speaking Skills

109-112 Satimova Hayotkhon Karimovna, No’monova Madinaxon Iqboljon qizi
Read Statistic: 10