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Nowadays, when Uzbekistan is the equal member of the world society, it is not enough to learn only Uzbek literature. Being aware of the best samples of the world folklore created in different historical-literary periods makes possible for the pupils to understand the national peculiarity of the Uzbek literature. On the other hand, it enriches their knowledge about the culture, outlook, hopes, and mentality of the other nations. There was provided the topicality of the role in the spiritual perfection of mankind and studying the tasks of artistry and esthetics as well as poetry of epics of Oriental people in this article.


literary-comparative analysis effective methods education process national self-consciousness protective characters perfect man

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Nazokat Yusufjonova Nigmadjonovna 2021. The Role of Comparative Typology in the Teaching Epic Motives of Folk Epics. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 4 (May 2021), 312-316. DOI:


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