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The article analyzes the poetic interpretation specificity in Khosiyat Rustamova’s poetry, the mental experience evolution, the mood and spirit synthesis in the lyrics, the emotional realization level and the melody function. It examines the relationship between emotional thinking and aesthetic ideals, the perception integrity and evaluation criteria, the artistic discourse balance and ideological origin, the image and expression interdependence, the creative worldviews interdependence and philosophical generalizations. The imagination materialization and the situation drawing are in fact based on the poet's ability to use metaphors. The value dimension and the socially oriented essence create artistic integrity


poetry emotion image expression situation mood perception emotional observation

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Ilkhombek Kurbanbayev 2021. IMPROVEMENT OF SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE IN KHOSIYAT RUSTAMOVA’S POETRY. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 4 (Apr. 2021), 288-291. DOI:


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