A research study on awareness of fin-tech among millennial

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Singh Ravins Rajkumar
Popat Ronak
Vipul Jha
Dhruv Dilip4


Millennial as one of the largest generations is soon going to enter their prime years, they will become a big part of the future world, both as the consumer and as workers. Millennial have held an important role as they will become a huge part that play an important role in shaping and building business and industries. The millennial are often attributed to “technology savvy generation”, they are very familiar with the use of technology. The Millennial have specific traits which are called 3C’s, which are Creative, Connected and Confidence. So aim of this paper is to identify the main factor which is highly affecting to the Fin-Tech awareness among the millennial.

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Singh Ravins Rajkumar, Popat Ronak, Vipul Jha and Dhruv Dilip4 2020. A research study on awareness of fin-tech among millennial . International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 2 (Feb. 2020), 78-87. DOI:https://doi.org/10.31149/ijie.v3i2.17.


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