Published: Feb 1, 2020

The use of psychology in literary genres

1-3 Viloyat Muzafarovna Bozorova

Introducing indicators system for strategic management (of undustrial enterprises)

4-9 Umidjon U. Kostaev

The role of didactic works in world literature

10-14 Dilfuza Bakhtiyorovna Zaripova

Personal description in the word combination and expression in a speech

15-18 S.A. Nazarova, M.Yu.Khojieva

Development of transportation types and their usage on caravan roads in middle ages

19-23 Jahongir Yunusugli Ergashev

Innovation technologies for defining developing periods of Eurygaster integriceps Puton in corn plants

24-29 Musayeva G.M., Yaxyayev X.K.

The importance of Mirzo Ulugbek madrassah in developing the system of education in its time

30-33 Xolida Tojiyeva

Methods in cognitive linguistics

34-36 Muzaffar Muradovich Rakhimov

Foreign and Uzbekistan: the need to prevent youth crime

37-41 Tolipov A.A.

The role and role of digital economy and information technology in the agricultural sector

42-44 Azizbek Mukhiddin ugli Khurramov

The use of statistical methods in the analysis of mobile payment market in Poland

45-50 Artur Borcuch

The statistical analysis of „Safety” feature for payment cards with contactless payment function, cash and mobile payments in Poland. Results of own research

51-55 Artur Borcuch

The statistical analysis of availability feature for payment cards with contactless payment function, cash and mobile payments in Poland. Results of own research

56-61 Artur Borcuch

The fight against avena fatua in the middle of a wheat field

62-64 Boboeva N.T., Nazarov S.U.

Theoretical foundations of the translation theory

65-67 Yulduz Malikovna Kasimova , E'zoza Ne'matullayevna Alimova , Akmal A'zamjonovich Ulkanov

A research study on investors behaviour regarding choice of asset allocation of teaching staff

68-77 Gobinda Dhamala, Khushboo Sharma, Dimple Patel, Kunal Jaiswal

A research study on awareness of fin-tech among millennial

78-87 Singh Ravins Rajkumar, Popat Ronak, Vipul Jha, Dhruv Dilip4

Interviews of citology in uzbek language problems and objectives

88-90 Komila Dekanovna Alimova

Psychological and pedagogical characteristics of a high school student

91-95 R.Karimov, Yo.Soliyev, A.Ermirzayev, O.Bahodirov, E.Abdurazoqov

A way of making words on proper nouns

96-98 Bayramali Ergashevich Kilichev

The influence of parenting styles on bullying behavior among students of secondary age in ikwerre local government area

99-114 Iyagba Philemon Wokoma, Nwankwo Gershom Udochukwu

General architecture of a geopartal system created for tourism

115-117 Tukhliev Iskandar Suyunovich, Muhamadiyev Abdinabi Nuraliyevich