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It was a tradition to interpret Arba’in's "Chihil Hadith" in the Oriental classic literature, that is, to compile a total of 40 hadiths and explain its meanings to ordinary people. Observations show that each era has its "Arba’in", which has a clear theme and purpose. From the Prophet Muhammad (saas): "Whoever memorizes the forbidden I of my hadiths and teaches it and teaches it to others, it will be under my shade on the Day of Judgment." Therefore, they have sought to memorize 40 of the hadiths and convey them to the people. The word "Arba’in" means: -40. It also means to sit for 40 days, that is, for 40 days of sufis, and 40 days after the death of the Sufis and 40 days after their death. Forty days are called the period of purification.

The medieval thinkers have selected more than 40 of the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with respect to different moral and Islamic rules. They have tried to explain the meaning and meaning of the forty hadiths to the public. They used the prose and the verse in a productive way.

In this article we aim to provide some information about manuscripts of Arba’in, which is kept in the main fund of the Abu Reikhan Beruniy Oriental Manuscript Center at the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies.


Chihil Hadîth Arba’in Manuscript Qit’a Misra Kalafon Booklet

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