Published: Oct 1, 2019

Implementation of total quality management in cheap packages education Program in Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM) Maju Jaya Mesuji district lampung Indonesia

1-9 M Sururi, M.Ihsan Dacholfany
Read Statistic: 101

Hakim At Termiziy scientific heritage in the Hadis theme

10-13 Haitov Lazizbek Azamatovich
Read Statistic: 129

The phenomenon of fatherhood: cultural and philosophical approach

14-18 Amirzhuzhayev Shukurjon Kurbonovich
Read Statistic: 84

Significant of Mathematics Laboratory Activities for Teaching and Learning

19-25 Kaushik Das
Read Statistic: 148

Communication Skill Development for Rural Adolescents through Social Cognitive Intervention

26-33 Dr S Gayatridevi, Prof. Dr. A. Velayudhan, Palanisamy. V
Read Statistic: 87

Impact of Academic and Social Factors on Education Performance of Students

34-43 Rahul Chauhan, Bhoomi R. Chauhan
Read Statistic: 59

Factors Affecting the Reading Comprehension Level of Grade VI Learners of Selected Elementary School in the District of Tanza, Cavite

44-53 Amado Montera Cadiong
Read Statistic: 826

Foreign experience in economic risk management and opportunities for their use

54-60 Baymirzayev Dilmurod Nematovich
Read Statistic: 47

Theoretical analysis of business risks

61-67 Baymirzayev Dilmurod Nematovich
Read Statistic: 64

Improvement of investment activity in ensuring high rates of economic growth

68-73 Ismatov Raxmatilla Oltinovich
Read Statistic: 47

The need to use management systems to enhance the competitiveness of the world agrarian and food markets for fruit and vegetable products

74-77 Akramov Tokhir Abdirakhmonovich, Imomov Jamshidxon Odilovich, Yusupova Kamola Axmadbekovna
Read Statistic: 62

Assessment of competitiveness on the light industry goods market

78-82 Mirzaabdullayeva Gulnora
Read Statistic: 82

Development issues of free economic zones

83-86 Akhunova Shokxistahon Nomanjanovna
Read Statistic: 44

International cooperation in food security in Uzbekistan

87-90 Nurmatov Abdujabbor Ne'matjonovich
Read Statistic: 67

“OYINA” – first uzbek national magazine

91-93 Nodira Egamqulova
Read Statistic: 72

Dialogue genres on TV: PAST AND TODAY (On the example of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan)

94-97 Odina Qulmuradova
Read Statistic: 57

The first stages of formation communication means in Khorezm

98-100 Yusupov Izzat Sultanovich
Read Statistic: 48

Problems of food supply in Turkestan

101-104 Nurillo Rejabboyev
Read Statistic: 50

Development of international cultural relations of the Republic of Karakalpakstan

105-108 I.B.Jollibekova
Read Statistic: 69

Current issues of science in the Republic of Karakalpakstan

109-111 R.Dj.Urazbaeva
Read Statistic: 24

Comparative study on the agility and flexibility ability of state and national level male players between handball and volleyball of poonch district ( jammu and kashmir)

112-116 Neeraj Sharma, Shafqit Hussain
Read Statistic: 84

International folklore reflected in the novels

117-128 Tosheva Nilufar
Read Statistic: 64

The importance of synergetics in the study of fiction

129-135 Toshniyozova Ra’no Tohirovna
Read Statistic: 68

Stimulative Increase of Fertility in Uzbekistan in Accordance with the World Experiences

136-139 Xudjageldiyev Chorshanbi Pardayevich
Read Statistic: 49

Lexicographic analysis of “spirituality” terms in English and Uzbek languages

140-143 Akhmedova Mehrinigor Bahodirovna
Read Statistic: 76

Issues of interference and foreign borrowings in the Uzbek language

144-146 Isakova Nodira Azzamovna
Read Statistic: 45

The notion of the concept “mother” in proverbs (on the proverbs in Uzbek, Russian and German)

147-149 Tagaeva Sayyora Ulashevna
Read Statistic: 43

Translations from French literature in 60-70s

150-153 Mirzaev Ibodulla Kamolovich
Read Statistic: 32

Traditional and innovative methods teaching in English language

154-158 G’. Xudoyberganov, M.Xudoyberganova
Read Statistic: 85

The use of advanced foreign experience in the development of preschool children

159-161 Sh.Fayzullaev, G.Eshnazarova, M.Marupova
Read Statistic: 60

Types of word order in poetry

162-165 Sobirov Anvar Kuvandikovich
Read Statistic: 81

Oh the manuscript of “Avariful-maarif” (Those people recognizing enlightenment) of Shakhabuddin Umar Sukhravardi

166-169 Murtazoyev Sh
Read Statistic: 64

Uzbek scientists masterpieces in world funds

170-172 Rajabova Rohila Zakirovna
Read Statistic: 51

The Study of Spiritual Heritage of Khoja Ismat Bukhari

173-176 Raupova Rano Soibovna, Nazarova Gulshod Hodjievna
Read Statistic: 77

Listening as a special skill of teaching English language - transcribing

177-179 Sashka Jovanovska
Read Statistic: 32

Teaching and learning English language - motivation

180-182 Sashka Jovanovska
Read Statistic: 60

Analysis of sources and literature on the history of viticulture and winemaking in Turkestan at the end of XIX beginning of XX century

183-188 U.S.Tupchiyev
Read Statistic: 34

Opportunities for developing professional skill in the process of increasing the qualification of teachers

189-193 Turekeeva Alfiya Zhienbekovna
Read Statistic: 58

Manuscript copies of Navoi’s “Arba’in”

194-196 Malohat Pulatova
Read Statistic: 63

Usturshona is in the ancient sources (according to Greco-Romanian sources).

197-199 Xolboyev Ziyodulla
Read Statistic: 63

Female National Type in the English Literature of the XIX Century

200-204 M.A.Saibnazarova
Read Statistic: 75

Vera Brittain’s about feminism and women’s role the war

205-208 SH.Choriyeva
Read Statistic: 76

Aims and principles of foreign language teaching

209-211 D.Israilova, M.Boqiyeva
Read Statistic: 65

The policy of tolerance in Uzbekistan (in the case of Greeks)

212-214 Abdurahmanova Jummagul Nomazovna
Read Statistic: 61

Methods of educational sciences in the first class

215-218 Tolipova Tursuntosh Karshievna
Read Statistic: 46

Traditions and innovations in the ceremonial life of the German diaspora of Tashkent (the example of weddings)

219-223 Payzieva M.Kh
Read Statistic: 50

Teaching modern foreign languages in primary classrooms in Uzbekistan: an overview

224-229 Tajibev Gairatjon Shovdorovich, Nematjonov Sharifjon Rustamjonovich, Valiev Kobiljon Obidjonovich
Read Statistic: 79

Directions and problems of research of modern industrial cities in Uzbekistan

230-235 Haydarov Dilshod Ochilovich
Read Statistic: 44

Principles of spiritual and cultural activity

236-241 Rakhimov Asomiddin Anorboevich
Read Statistic: 58

The issue of the conquest of the Kokand Khanate by the Russian Empire is covered by the literature of the Independence period

242-246 J.J. Yakobjanov
Read Statistic: 56

Performance of innovative teaching strategies on students

247-251 Rahul Chauhan
Read Statistic: 63

The Role of Leadership Character Kiai in Implanting At Students of Al-Ishlah Islamic Boarding School Sendangagung Paciran Lamongan

252-257 Salman Alfarisi,, Nur Efendi
Read Statistic: 44

An Analysis of Code Mixing and Code Switching Used By Teacher and Students in English Class

258-262 Istia Nur Fadilah,, Yuli Astutik,
Read Statistic: 23

Education Concept by KH Morality. Munir Ahmad and Implementation in Modern Cottage Muhammadiyah Paciran Lamongan

263-268 Himmatul Husniyah, Biyanto
Read Statistic: 59

The Implementation of Video in Teaching Writing Recount Text at Al-Fattah Buduran Sidoarjo

269-272 Mia Fauzia Farida, Dian Novita
Read Statistic: 37

IOT connected with e-learning

273-277 Vishal Dineshkumar Soni
Read Statistic: 95

Artificial intelligent in China and United States

Read Statistic: 58

Gerture controlled Robot

222-229 Mr. Juber Salgar, Mr. Siddharam Koli, Manasi Kulkarni
Read Statistic: 32

Smart Home Automation System

222-229 Mr. Bhandarkavthe S. S, Mr. Desai P. B
Read Statistic: 74