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The article discusses in more detail the purpose and content of the EUMC structural components by the example of the manual on the discipline "Computer Science Information Technology" for students enrolled in the specialty of ekonomiki and religious studies


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I, G.J. and N., X.N. 2021. Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Catarrhal Gingivitis in Children. International Journal on Integrated Education. 4, 10 (Oct. 2021), 92-95. DOI:


  1. Relevance. Currently, despite the scientific research conducted in the world today on the problem studied by scientists, the etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases remain completely unexplored.Currently, a significant increase in the prevalence of periodontal diseases from 20 to 60% of the population requires serious attention of dental scientists, since over the past 15 years, scientists of the world have conducted extensive studies on the etiopathogenesis, prevalence, intensity of gingivitis and have proposed various methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this disease[]. The results of many researchers indicate extremely unfavorable consequences of chronic infectious and inflammatory processes in the soft tissues of the oral periodontal cavity and for the health of the whole organism, as well as a parallel increase in risk factors leading to the transition of catarrhal gingivitis to severe and reversible catarrhal gingivitis – diffuse periodontitis. Therefore, the need to develop new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal tissue diseases remains one of the important problematic issues of medical practice that are of interest to doctors and scientists [].