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The private dispute resolution mechanism called arbitration enjoys recognition in all legal orders of contemporary states and is affirmed worldwide. Given the actuality and popularity of this alternative way of resolving disputes, it is not at all surprising the intensive study of dispute resolution before international commercial arbitration by contemporary legal theory. As a dominant instrument for resolving disputes from international trade and as a legal institute in which contractual and jurisdictional (judicial) elements are intertwined, international commercial arbitration can be studied in several directions: through the prism of international conventions, through the prism of national legislation, through the prism of the rules of arbitration institutions and through the prism of the practice of resolving various disputes. Dispute resolution through arbitration based on the prior agreement of the wills of the parties has been known for a long time and has a long tradition.


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Vlahna, C.K. and Kuçi, D.H. 2022. Settlement of International Disputes under the Law on Arbitration. International Journal on Integrated Education. 5, 5 (May 2022), 23-28. DOI:


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