Published: May 3, 2022

Committee System in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions: Problems and Way Forward

1-9 Niyi Jacob Ogunode, Ruth Ibukun Mcbrown

Names of Persons as a Central Component of Language Life of Society

10-13 Ibraximova D. T.

Provision of Education Services for Internally Displaced Persons in IDPs Camps in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Forward

14-22 Niyi Jacob Ogunode, Okwuagwu Esther Chijindu, Deborah Jegede

Settlement of International Disputes under the Law on Arbitration

23-28 C. Kastriote Vlahna, Dr. Hajredin Kuçi

Uncovering Undergraduates’ Innovative Talents towards Employment Generation for National Growth and Development: Implications of Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into Science Teacher Education Programmes in Rivers State

29-45 Dr. Inibehe Sunday Etokeren, Dr. Chinda Worokwu

Vocational Education and Economic Development in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State: Challenges and Prospects

46-58 Elekwa, Josephine Ebere , Moneme, Uju Esther

The Role and Importance of Fine Art in the Education of School Students

59-62 Muhammadiyeva Zarina Bahodirovna, Muhammadiyeva Ogiloy Rajabalievna

On the Genreal Composition of Komil Khorezmi Devon

63-67 Nuriddinov Shohobiddin Babayarovich

Prospects for Receiving Paper from Agricultural Waste and Non-Wooden Alternative Materials

68-75 Alimova D. A., Nabiyeva I. A.

The Role of E-Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic in West Bengal: Advantageous, Problems and Ameliorate on Higher Learners Students

76-80 Suman Basu

Academic amidst Pandemic: A Survey of the Learning Experiences among Filipino Undergraduate Students

81-93 Arvy James C. de Guzman

On the Role of Average Values in Solving Geometric Extreme Problems

94-100 J. Husanov, N. Shamsiddinov

Female Voice about Love and Affair in Alice Munro’s Stories

101-103 Mansurkhodjayeva Madina Toirjon qizi

Natur Itself is a Physician

104-108 Usmanova Marjona Botirali

Methods of State Regulation of Informatization Processes in the Republic of Uzbekistan

109-112 N.A.Nugmanov, A.U.Kakhramonova

The Problems of Translation Nature and Place of Abdullah Qadiri's Novel "Days Gone By” in English

113-117 Hikmatova Muqaddas Nurillayevna, Kobilova Feruza

Innovative Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

118-124 Oripova Kamola Davlatovna

Effect of Beta Vulgaris L Seed Forgiveness on Sowing Depth

125-127 A. S. Abdigapbarov, G. T. Erejepova, B. Kh. Makulbaeva

New Stage Interpretation of a Classic Piece

128-131 Omonulla Rizaev

Current Transformational Processes and Prospects for the Development of Intercultural Cooperation in Uzbekistan

132-136 Nishonboeva Kunduz Vakhobovna

The First Celebration of Freedom, “Nowruz”

137-139 Umarov Mamur Botashikovich