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The current research investigated the COVID-19 is spread vigorously in China, USA, France, Italy, Germany, and European countries and Iran Pakistan being as a neighbor country of china & IranOne was for the incoming Pakistani from various countries, such as Iran, China, Afghanistan, and India. The other was arranged inside various hospitals for COVID-19 positive cases. As hundreds and thousands of Pakistani were in Iran for religious purposes, they were. Most of the students and businessmen, inside China, were not allowed to come back. Handling of large scale influx from Iran was the main problem. Out of the total COVID-19 cases, 78 percent of cases were reported from visitors coming from Iran. Pakistan announced the closure of all schools, colleges & universities with a partial lockdown across the country for major cities.


COVID-19 Pakistan religious purposes

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Dr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh, Ali Raza Memon and Kashaf Shaikh 2020. Impact of COVID-19 caronavirus on poverty in Pakistan: a case study of Sindh . International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 6 (Jun. 2020), 72-83. DOI:


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