Published: Jun 2, 2020

Foundation for the Prevention and Pathological Aspects of Diseases of the Mucous Membranes of the Oral Cavity (Review)

8-11 Bakaev Zh. N.

The importance of matrix metalloproteases in the pathology of the tempo-mandibular joint in children

12-15 Gaffarov S. A., Saidov A. A.

The impact of the digital economy on economic growth

16-18 Mahmudov Baxriddin Jurayevich, Mullabayev Baxtiyarjon Bulturbayevich

Main directions of improvement of the process of investment attraction

19-25 Bustonov Mansurjon Mardonakulovich, Abdurakhmanova Mukhtasar Fazliddin qizi

Indications for oral hygiene in sick children with cerebral palsy

26-27 Yo. K. Eronov

The essence of cognitive methods in psychological research

28-31 Jabbor Alisher Musirmon ugli

The phenomenon of oxymoron and antithesis in the works of Utkir Hoshimov

32-34 Khurshid Eshmurodov, Eshbekov Khasan Eshbek ugli

An investigation into the impact of COVID-19 on private schools in Gwagwalada area council of FCT, Nigeria

35-44 Ogunode Niyi Jacob

The role of parents in teenagers' independent decision-making

45-47 Sodiqova Gulbarno Odiljon qizi

New source of synthesis of physiologically active substonces

48-51 Yusupova S. S, Kiyamova D. SH, Pardaeva S. B

Representations of the origin of the universe in ancient and centrasiatic mythology

52-55 Musurmanov Erkin

The influence of art and art therapy on people

56-60 Azimova Fotima

The effects of social media marketing on sports by using sports videos on facebook and instagram to attract the peoples to watch more sports

61-67 Manzar Shabab Yousuf , Dr. Akhter Nawaz Ganjera

Impact of health facilities and low death rate of COVID-19-in Germany compare to other European countries

68-71 Dr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh

Impact of COVID-19 caronavirus on poverty in Pakistan: a case study of Sindh

72-83 Dr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh, Ali Raza Memon, Kashaf Shaikh

Relatively light walling in single-storey residential buildings in rural areas

84-86 Kalimullina N.V, Babajanova Z., Atamurotov O.E

Teacher education: meeting the global demand and challenges in tertiary institutions in Nigeria

87-91 Dagogo A. F. Daminabo

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teachers: A Panacea for Quality Teacher Education

92-98 Gloria Matthews

Migrant’s the faceless & nameless economic driver amid Covid19.

99-105 Baijayanti Ghosh