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This article discussed the problems facing the universities administration in Nigeria. Secondary data was used to support the points raised in the article. The secondary data were sourced from print materials and online publications by recognized institutions and individual author. There are many problems hindering smooth administration of Nigerian public universities. Some of the problems include; inadequate funding, inadequate academic staff, inadequate infrastructural facilities, brain-drain, incessant strike actions by the universities unions, institutional corruption, insecurity problems, weak administrators and poor capacity development of academic staff , political interference in the universities administration, indiscriminate issuance of licenses for establishing new universities, universities autonomy dilemma, poor Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) among others. To solve these challenges, this article recommends: that the government should increase the funding universities, employ of more academic staff, provide adequate infrastructural facilities, implement all agreement with unions, ensure effective staff development programme and effective motivation policy.


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Ogunode Niyi Jacob and Abubakar Lawan 2020. Public Universities Administration in Nigeria: Challenges and the ways forward. International Journal on Integrated Education. 3, 11 (Nov. 2020), 163-169. DOI:


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